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First Responder of the Year Award


Our Fallen Heroes Foundation would like to recognize the heroic and brave sacrifices of Peace Officers, Firefighters, and Medical First Responders throughout Shelby County who…

Were either killed or suffered a career-ending injury in the line of duty,


Or for bravery, courage and act(s) above and beyond their basic duties while responding to an emergency call,


Or consistently demonstrate commitment to the first responder community through training, testing, and promotions.

First Recepient of the

First Responder of the Year

Director Gina Sweat


Director Gina Sweat was awarded the 1st. First Responder of the Year award from Our Fallen Heroes Foundation for her dedication to the city of Memphis Fire Department and for her commitment to obtaining her promotional goals from a Rookie to Director of Fire Services. Director Sweat and Lt. Kirk were hired through the same class in 1992 and they both were promoted up throughout the ranks together until his death in 2003.

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