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This foundation is dedicated to Lt. Trent A. Kirk, a fallen firefighter, loving husband and father of two amazing daughters who was killed June 15, 2003, Father’s Day, battling a fire at the Family Dollar in Frayser, Tn. The call came in light smoke. Upon arrival they were informed that the store manager was possibly still trapped inside the building.  Lt. Kirk and Pvt. Charles Zachary did not hesitate to go inside to make the rescue. Little did they know that he was outside watching and had started the fire to cover up his own theft. Both courageous firefighters lost their lives that tragic night and made the ultimate sacrifice protecting the city of Memphis.  This foundation’s goal is to continue their memory and to support all the families that have made the ultimate sacrifice throughout the fire departments in Shelby County.

                                                                                                                    Donna Kirk, Founder

Lt. Kirk was working overtime at the Station 31 the night of the fire.  His assigned station was Station 10 on the corner of West Parkway and Pennsylvania. The city dedicated a Avenue on his behalf. 

Here is the link to the Street Dedication 


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