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Show your support for the thin blue and the red line with this customizable pendant necklace. With the holiday season just around the corner this piece could make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

OFHF Pendant with Chain

  • Pendant with Chain- $125.00

    Garnet Stone $150.00

    Amethyst $150.00

    Aqua $165.00

    Imitation Aqua $150.00

    Diamond $185.00

    Imitation Diamond $150.00

    Emerald $185.00

    Imitation Emerald $150.00

    Alexandrite $225.00

    Lab Created Alexandrite $150.00

    Ruby $185.00

    Chatham Lab Created Ruby $150.00

    Peridot $135.00

    Blue Sapphire $150.00

    Chatham Lab Created Blue Sapphire $150.00

    Pink Tourmaline $165.00

    Imitation Pink Tourmaline $150.00

    Citrine  $150.00

    Blue Topaz $150.00

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